Thursday, November 9, 2017


I know I am blessed. I thank the lord each day for my good fortune, my family, my career, my friends and life. I had a great childhood having been raised in the beautiful Sierra Nevada's.

Each day was a new adventure.
Each day had promise.
Each day had opportunity.
Each day was a chance for greatness.

I give thanks for the great people I serve the City of Hollister with. We have a good crew of employees at Hollister Police Department and the City of Hollister. Altruistic folks one and all.

Unfortunately being blessed isn't shared by all in our region. There is real poverty here in our community. There is real need for services and life sustaining supplies here. Many families/children go to bed hungry and cold.

I know I cannot fix this myself. I know that the reality is, is somebody will most likely die because of our local conditions. That just isn't acceptable to me and it should not be to you either. A short string of bad luck, poor economy, sickness, accident or injury can change your world over night.

I cannot pay someone's PG&E bill,
I cannot put food in everyone's pantries,
I cannot provide warm clothes and beds for all in need,
I cannot even provide shelter to those that do not have any.

But for a brief moment, I can help a kid find a smile and you can help me and our police officers with that.

This year for the third year, our police department is going to work with Turning Wheels for Kids, a bay area non-profit that helps provide new bicycles and new helmets to kids in our region. Here is a press release I did yesterday that announces that - Press Release.

I would really love some help this year. Turning Wheels for Kids gives out new bicycles and new helmets through a grant. Our police department applies for the grant and also helps assemble the bikes with other volunteers with Turning Wheels for Kids on their build day.

We can handle the hard labor, but I'd love to get some silent auction items to take up to Turning Wheels for Kids from area businesses and residents. if inclined, you can drop items like gift baskets, gift cards or other items suitable for a silent auction to Hollister PD from 11/20/17 - 12/1/17 (by 5:00 PM!) during normal business hours Monday-Friday.

I am counting on your help because I want to grow our local program even more, because frankly I am selfish and want to see more or our local kids in need smile when they receive their free bicycle. We can even provide a receipt and for your tax deductible donation.

Anyway please consider helping us with this latest project. I truly appreciate any and all help.

Be good to each other,


Saturday, November 4, 2017

Crime Must Have Consequence

I’m not one to argue that all criminals need to go to jail. I believe that there are many folks, specifically first time offenders that could use counseling or other forms of therapy that could truly help them turn their lives around. But at the end of the day, crime must have some sort of consequence.

Several years ago in California our state government was sued because of overcrowding in our prison system. This was a hot button political item that had been brewing for several years. I don’t like to delve into politics because frankly it’s just not my cup of tea. However this lawsuit resulted in a court order that required our prisons to reduce its population. This court order was when A.B. 109 was born. 

A.B. 109 in short reclassified prisoners from mid threat to low threat and also reclassified those that are on parole and redefined what parole was in California. A.B. 109 was also sold to the voters as a cost saving measure for our state taxes. That little part of A.B. 109 turned out to be a wolf in sheep‘s clothing. Because the state shifted supervision of folks on parole for the most part to the counties. That also meant that some of these state prisoners would be shifted to county jails. County jails are simply not set up for long time prisoner housing. This caused and is still causing a huge burden on our counties and it’s judicial systems.

Again I won’t comment on the implications as they were advertised in this proposition. I won’t comment on the political side of this proposition. I only want to talk about the results of this proposition and the ones that were similar that followed (Props 47 & 57).

My thoughts today we’re sort of spurned on by the article that appeared in the San Jose Mercury news regarding how and what kinds of crimes Santa Clara county jail would now accept for booking. 

I don’t offer this opinion as any sort of criticism for the sheriffs office or prosecutors in Santa Clara County. They are the boots on the ground in their county and I do not know or have all the facts that they have, right now. But I believe that their action is a result of last six or seven years of these different varying bills and propositions that have come forward to the voters of our state and have been passed by the voters of our state (California). 

Certainly there are many examples of folks that have been caught up in crime a young age and have now rehabilitated themselves and are actively involved in the betterment of our communities. Many successful stories in this arena in our state. If you or one of those folks then I congratulate you and appreciate your hard work to overcome those issues, truly. 

I like to use examples because I think it aids folks understanding of a given issue and puts them in the drivers seat of their minds eye. 

So here’s my example of what is routine now when the police officer responds to a crime (within these guidelines) that has occurred. Take the example of the officer who responds to a petty theft at the commercial building say for examples sake a Target or Kmart. The officer responds to the call for service and makes contact with the reporting party. The reporting party at these facilities is usually a security officer. The reporting party then explains what he/she saw, provides the officer with video or other evidence. The officer makes contact with the perpetrator of this crime. Ten years ago we would arrest the suspect and later book them into a jail facility (or at least had that option). Now we respond to the crime scene and nine out of ten times we write a ticket for the crime. In my opinion that’s totally ineffective and complete nonsense. Imagine if you owned a small mom-and-pop store and you had to report a crime like this. You watch the officer walked in and write a ticket to the perpetrator. You watch the perpetrator walked out free as a bird before the officer did. That would be very frustrating for that store owner.

The ugly truth, and there are many that don’t want talk about now, is crime has increased in many locations throughout our great state. Crime in regards to burglaries, thefts and even some violent crime is on the increase. 

The great experiment is not working. And to me it appears to be an utter failure. 

If the intent was to reduce jail population because there was a court order for that then I agree that some crimes could be reclassified in order for those releases to take affect. However I do not think that this was studied long enough. I do not believe that there is adequate research that points to these particular crimes contained in A.B. 109, are the ones that are most effective for this purpose. Likewise I do not have a list of crimes that I feel personally, would be most effective because I have not studied it enough to draw any conclusions. I cannot totally fault the author of this assembly bill because I do not know the depth his or her research into the particular crimes listed to quantify the effectiveness for this purpose. I only know what I see now. What I see is not working.

What I believe is that legislative action needs to be taken on all or part of A.B. 109 and propositions 47 and 57. In theory all of these laws should have had the effect that was reported to have had. Its the application and the details that have gotten in the way. I think all of these laws need to be re-examined and adjusted with honest and measurable goals.

That’s my two cents on A.B. 109 , propositions 47 and 57. As I said in the beginning crime must have consequence. Consequence can be re-training, work furlough, counseling, jail, fines and other methods to help folks to curb themselves away from a life of crime. I think a combination of some of those or simply one of those can be effective for many of our offenders.

That is all I have for now. Be good to each other.


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

To Admit to Failure is to Admit to Humanity

Failure is a masterful teacher. I hope I am a leader that encourages new ideas. I really try to be. I fully understand that sometimes thinking outside of the box is risky. You will fail at times. Sometimes that’s a good thing and we learn.

I’ve failed many times. I have learned a little each time. I think government has failed a lot. My own profession has had its share of failures. It’s human. 

Failure inspired this blog.

I want to tell you a quick tale of one of my failures.

You know I try to live by the adage "always do what you say your going to do". Because if you don't, your just giving someone lip service, like any snake oil salesman or other less honorable occupation.

This is a story where I failed. I failed royally. 

But first and explanation on how I think. I believe my job is to:

  1. Provide a top notch police department for the residents of the City of Hollister.
  2. Provide the best training, equipment for our employees to make their job as safe as possible.
  3. Be accountable and as accessible as I possibly can be to the public.

I often get asked to write letters of recommendation or to be a reference for folks. I happily do it every single time because I know what it's like to need help like that, because I was in their place at one time. Well, I should say I do it every single time, except for one time, and failed to do it that time, on time. 

A dear friend's child messaged me well before the deadline for a needed letter of recommendation. I say dear friend, because she really is. She has been a friend to our little family for many years. Frankly more like family in many respects. She was one of the very first people to show up to help us after our house got turned into a drive-thru by a drunk driver. Truly she is a good friend. 

As I said, I was asked to write a letter of recommendation well before it was due. I happily agreed. I remember it was late when I received the message so, I figured I would go over what the letter needed later and get it done. Well you know what, I didn't do that. I forgot about it, well mostly. 

I won't fall on an easy excuse that I was too busy. It's true, I have things going on almost every day and night. But that's not an excuse. When you say you will do something, you do it, period. 

I got a message from my dear friend one day, weeks later. She said it was past the due date. I could tell she was upset. I was mortified and sick to my stomach. I failed a person that I truly care about. I was so wrapped up in the day-to-day things I do and failed to handle the thing right in front of my nose. The classic "cannot see the mountains beyond the trees" or vice versa scenario. 

I apologized profusely to both my friend and her child. Her child got a hold me little later and asked if I could still write a letter. I immediately dropped everything I was doing and wrote it and sent it over. 

This one stung. I still think about it and it bothers me. 

1. Always do what you say will do, every time 
2. Learn from your failures and then move forward (still attempting on this one)

That is all,


Thursday, October 5, 2017

50 things I’ve learned along my 50 year journey, random facts, questions and general nonsense

50 things I’ve learned along my 50 year journey, random facts, questions and general nonsense 

  1. Family is your most important asset, period.
  2. Time is the best gift you can give your spouse, children, family and friends.
  3. The older I get the more I realize I have become my father, which is a good thing.
  4. Your sister/brother will always be for there for you anytime, anywhere for the rest of your life time and will help you shovel to cover the bodies.
  5. The number of hours of hard work I do now is equitable to the number of days it takes for my body to recover from that work.
  6. True love, takes your breath away and warms your heart.
  7. No matter how old you are, you need your mom sometimes.
  8. New experiences are needed to grow.
  9. When someone lies to you you never really get over it.
  10. You always remember that first teacher who made it click in your head. Mine was Mrs. Ritchie at Chawanakee School - Go Warriors!
  11. We all know someone that’s died in a DUI crash.
  12. My first job I cleaned bathrooms and kitchens. I was a janitorial engineer. People are really gross in bathrooms.
  13. I’ve never started a fight in my life, but I have finished many. 
  14. Being a police officer is scary, depressing and nerve-racking but I wouldn’t change a thing about my career.
  15. Being a police officer is one of the most noble professions one can endeavor to become. 
  16. Being a parent is scary, sometimes depressing, did I mention scary and the best experience I’ve ever had in my life
  17. My wife is my best friend she’s also my conscience and she’s also really really honest on how I dress, speak and generally appear to the public.
  18. Math is hard but is the most valuable tool and skill set you can have as an adult besides manners and communication skills.
  19. Physical fitness is the best gift you can give yourself
  20. Ketchup, barbecue sauce and mustard are probably the best foods ever invented because they make food taste better
  21. Friends, there’s always that one that knows you like their family. That person will be at your funeral or you will be at their’s - do the right thing and erase their browser history
  22. If you are an animal lover you will have many dogs or cats in your lifetime take solace in the fact that you gave them all a full life, joy and happiness for their short time here
  23. For me, Christmas is still the greatest holiday
  24. Make sure you say something on someone’s birthday wish them well
  25. A life spent outside in the woods is a life well spent
  26. You’re never too old to watch a really good Bugs Bunny cartoon
  27. There should be a law that requires You too enjoy good warm popcorn when you go to the movies
  28. Some people age gracefully, some people don’t. The graceful ones are probably using very expensive products, just saying
  29. There’s nothing better than a good pair of old jeans
  30. When I was young I wanted to fly to the moon. Now that I am not young I just want to get up from bed without my back hurting
  31. Never underestimate the power of a good meal together as a family
  32. Always say please, thank you, sir and ma’am
  33. Men always open the door for women
  34. Men when going to a special occasion always remember to tack up or at least wear a tie and jacket you can always take the tie/jacket off
  35. Men always make a big deal out of the ladies fingernails when they get them done, hair when she gets them done or she buys new shoes. Bonus points for noticing the new outfit as well
  36. When on a long walk/hike in the mountains, the mountains you see in the distance is probably still 20 miles away
  37. Fishing stories that discuss actually catching fish.....are always fishy.
  38. Everybody you know is going to eventually die, it’s depressing but that’s the way life works
  39. Greatest gift you can give the world is your example and your kids been awesome carrying on that example.
  40. Who is in charge of the shape of a stick of butter? 
  41. In Star Trek in all of the series, pretty much Klingons are all different shapes and sizes depending on of course on the years of the series. I know with the explosion of Praxis, Klingons changed somewhat’s weird. 
  42. The Dodgers suck and so do burpees.
  43. Treat people like you want to be treated. Don’t be that guy.
  44. When I was a kid I watched Gilligans Island, Bonanza, Bugs Bunny cartoons and really cool Godzilla movies on Sundays after church.
  45. I own way too many ties 
  46. One of my favorite country songs is Seminole Wind by John Anderson and I don’t care who knows 
  47. You can never have to many/much iTunes music, ball caps or tools
  48. The McRib sandwich is amazing but it only lasts like 37 seconds in your digestive tract until it wants to leave.
  49. I have zero musical talent, but I wish I did
  50. It would be cool to have another 50 years....

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Hate for Hates Sake

In the wake of the horrific event in Las Vegas this week, I found of few nuggets of wisdom, truth and looked within.

First off I must say, Las Vegas Metro Police Department and their public safety partners did an excellent job managing this enormous crime scene. They were better than textbook and credit should go to the Sheriff directly and those managing the incident in its infancy. Amazingly brave, solid and steady work by those heroes. 

Here in Hollister we have a large public gathering once or twice a year. We plan, discuss, go over possible scenario’s and train almost all year for the rally. It is a huge undvertaking by our staff to handle this event and keep it as safe as we possibly can. I am barely able sleep for the week prior and during the rally. I age like 6 years each rally I work as the Chief (last year was my 5th rally as Chief). In Las Vegas, a large event, is a Sunday in autumn....perspective.....

I often talk about my love for people, community and always struggling and trying to be a good example. I try to see the good in every person, situation and to truly learn from the experience. 

With what happened on October 1st in Las Vegas. I don’t have much of anything. We did see tremendous acts of heroism. We saw destruction. We saw our worst fears. We saw death.

Ambassador Sarek in Star Trek IV surmised it was difficult to come up with an answer if one did not understand what the question was.

I believe we are there. We are seeing these atrocities and terrible things that are occurring all over the world. We ask ourselves why, but we don’t know the answer because we’ve never asked the right questions.

Questions like causality. How do we come up with answers if we do not know what causes people to do these things. Is it ideology? is it because we listen to heavy-metal music? Is it because we have been desensitized as a nation and really as human beings in general because we’ve allowed violence to permeate our lives through video games,the media, through movies, through books and other sources? In the last 25 or 30 years what breakthroughs have we made in mental health? What have we done for these folks that suffer so long hard? How much funding is there for the study and treatment for folks with mental health problems? I don’t know the answers to these questions. I do know that we are suffering. Our hearts are hurting and many families out there tonight are in a state of unrest because they’re missing their loved one(s). 

We must study Causes. We must ask the right questions. We must be smarter than a problem. That is the battle and the war we must wage.

The low hanging fruit in this is of course guns. Many folks will argue that if guns were not there then this tragedy would’ve not of occurred. That’s correct, the person in Las Vegas use firearms to commit these horrific acts. I would ask what about IED’s? what about Timothy McVeigh using fertilizer? What about the knife attacks in 2014 in China that left 29 dead and over 130 injured. How about a group of men wielding box cutters that together took down four airliners, killing 3000+ people. Moral to the story is, killers will always find a way. 

Endless possibilities; It’s about motive, it’s about hate, it’s about ideology, it’s about mental illness. it’s about a lot of things.

 I think, like Aristotle said “true knowledge begins when you realize you know absolutely nothing.” We actually do not know much about causality in this arena. If we did, we could start addressing the problem. 

I’m not gonna say that instrumentation in these attacks doesn’t matter. Firearms, knives, fertilizer and other materials for IED’s were used in attacks in recent years. To me the important question is “How did we arrive here?”

Once again we grieve for the losses. We pray for the victims, the families and friends. We pray that someday we can make sense of this and reduce or eliminate these acts of violence. 

I hope I live long enough to see the day that those in my chosen career are no longer needed in the world. I hope we can live in peace someday. But for now I’ll stay prepared, I’ll be ready, I’ll stay vigilant, train more heroes and WE will run towards the threat, towards gunfire every single time.

Be good to each other,


Sunday, September 24, 2017

Protesting protests

 You know I’ve given this one thought over the last few years; of course I’m talking about protests that are in the NFL and other professional leagues and minor leagues as well. I mean I guess if you want to start, it would be with Colin Kaepernick when he was with the 49ers last year. This year it’s taken on a different theme, last year we saw a few members of the NFL to start to emulate Mr. Kaepernick but we didn’t see the mass protests that there are today.

 Last year it was about police brutality, an unfair justice system, general mistreatment and racism. I still think some of those issues are prevalent in belief this year. It appears that there is a whole other thing going on here now when we talk about this latest protest. Now I’m not gonna get into the politics of this action because it is some of it, politics. I choose to focus on the human side of it.

Your neighbors, some of your family and your coworkers they all have different opinions on the subject. It’s my belief that our founding fathers were wise people. The Bill of Rights is an amazing document and when I was sworn to a uphold the U.S. Constitution it was a very solemn  and serious act for me. It was something that I took very seriously and still do to this day.

 The First Amendment is one of the most powerful laws that exist in our world today. Yes I said the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is one the most powerful laws that there is in the world. It is one of the cornerstones of our republic and the reason why so many countries and their people envy us here in the United States. You see, in other  countries they don’t have the freedom to say what’s on their mind, they don’t have the freedom to write in their newspapers how they feel about a particular subject, law or government official. In some countries voicing an opinion that is contrary to those in the mainstream is punishable by death.

 Here in the United States we can say what we want about anybody, any subject, any law and be free to say those things. Some would argue that standing or kneeling for the national anthem is a disrespect to those that have fought, bled and died for our country. I felt this way at one time. But then I looked deeper and realized that those brave and mighty American heroes fought, bled and died for our freedom’s.  It was actually a veteran who fought in Vietnam who spoke with me on the subject that brought me to this way of thinking. Now that’s not to say that I agree with kneeling during our national anthem because I don’t. But I agree with and individuals right to protest and do the thing that he or she needs to do to get their point across just as long as it does not hurt anybody.

 Does racism and mistreatment exist in our justice system and in our country? Yes of course it does. Just as was quoted in Star Treks Undiscovered Country, “if we are to live in a brave new world our generation will have the hardest time living in it”. Changing minds takes work. It takes caring. But mostly it takes responsible people both sharing their thoughts and listening to each other for this change to occur.

I am a Caucasian male in law-enforcement. I have not experienced racism. But I’m not so arrogant and blind to realize that there are not racist people. There are people in power that have these thoughts I’m sure. I have never seen any of these folks in action myself personally but I do know that they exist in our world. I would be the first one to say something and then do something if I saw something out of line. We have a long ways to go still I think, but in my line of work I believe we are on the leading edge of true equality in this country.

 The First Amendment is about freedom.  It’s about respecting the sacrifices the brave men and women of our military both past and present have made for us.  It’s about our strength as a nation. It’s about that melting pot that comes together for these United States.  Sometimes it’s about saying something or doing something when you don’t agree with a particular thing. It’s about celebrating our differences but all having one goal.  It is what makes our country great. It is also about disagreeing as well. We can have different beliefs systems, come from different backgrounds, have different educational standards, we can be wealthy or poor, we can be doctors or farmers, we can be police officers or a member of the clergy, all of these things together but primarily we are all Americans and all human beings.

Some people say: but Dave you like watching football and I know you watch football on Sundays. Well it’s true I do enjoy football. Football should be for entertainment in my opinion.  Football is a game it’s not real life, it’s not life or death and it’s a place where professional athletes go to work. I won’t be watching football this week, not because I’m protesting another’s protest, it is because I want to actually have a Sunday where I get something accomplished during the football season. My wife, my kids and my animals deserve my time and I’m going to give it to them.

I love this country I love it’s people, I love the way that we come together in times of crisis, but mostly I love and enjoy serving all of you.

Anyway today let’s work on ourselves, let’s lift each other up, let’s try to do something for our fellow man that’s unexpected, and let’s try to be good in our hearts and by example.


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Am I Still Cool?

It's a question I ask myself often. I realized that at my age, almost 50 years old, most likely there are more days behind me then there are ahead of me statistically speaking of course.

If you grew up and graduated high school in the 80s, most likely you have kids and maybe even have grandkids by now. Heck you might even be contemplating retirement in a few years.

Our generation we grew up in an era identified by great advancements in science and technology. Most of us grew up in the time before cell phones. We have probably gone through 30 or 40 different iterations of cell phones and now we have what we have today which is basically miniature computers in our pockets.

Our generation saw the advent of hip-hop, we saw the birth of rap, we lived during hair metal's hey day. Truly our generation is the defined somewhat by outrageous music and clothing. Parachute pants really? Who thought this was a good idea? Flock of Seagulls hair guy what was your deal bro? How many people didn't go to the Car’s concert or the Bon Jovi concert? I believe it was required back then. If you're wondering I actually went to both.

We saw the Challenger explosion. We saw President Reagan do all of his amazing speeches. We
saw him get shot on live TV on the news. We saw desert shield in Kuwait and Iraq. Many of us deployed while in the military to these conflicts and wars.

Many of us 80’s kids are now taking care of their parents. You should be taking care of your parents if you're not, by the way. Remember the example you set now, taking care of your parents is the exact same example your kids are looking at when they are faced with the question of being a caretaker for their parents. Do a good job, be nice.
But as the title of this blog is I'm contemplating "am I still cool?" Well are we still cool?

Well I guess we need to define what cool is. Cool to me is having a great wife, having great kids, but still being able to go to the concert or do stuff outside. Cool to my standards is frankly being alive. Cool to me is knowing that thank goodness you didn't have social media when you were teenager because well I couldn't imagine the trouble I'd be in still.

I mean what is cool to all of you? A lot of coolness is being a responsible parent been able to provide for your family knowing and knowing that you have a roof over your head.

Can I have a question please just a small question? How many of you have gone to see like one of the bands from our childhood like say for example Def Leppard or foreigner or cheap trick or whatever? It was totally cool to go see these guys go play those songs but what I noticed is they look really old and well son can still sing it sound really sort of played to me. Rock stars I think have a rough life.
Rolling Stones - Keith Richards

You know the other day when I was posting about this, I said something about millennial's. if you graduated in the 80s and you have kids, your kid’s are millennial’s; straight up. If you complain about millennials then go look in the mirror and blame yourself.

I'll say this about millennials there are a lot of them they're actually really good, smart, caring ultra giving people. A small minority though of these people or what I like to call 60%’ers, they don't like hard stuff, scary stuff or stuff that requires them to exert themselves where possibly sweat droplets come from there brow. Most of these kids are good kids I have hired them. I work with them. I have no issue with him. I know there's people out there that have issues with millennial's, I am not one of those guys.

All righty so I digressed a little bit about millennial's. But the topic is "Am I still cool?" I think for the most part if you're an engaged adult / parent, care about the world around, work hard each day and want the best for your family kids / friends. I think you're super cool.

Editorial note: does anybody still have any 80s clothing? Who has actually worn their own clothing to an 80s party? I know I don't have any except for maybe a few concert T-shirts. I actually fit into my letterman's jacket the other day. That's from the 80s and I thought that was pretty cool. Maybe we should throw a big 80’s party and listen to Men Without Hats, Loverboy, Billy Idol and Depeche Mode all while wearing penny loafers, parachute pants and two Izod polo shirts with the collars flipped up.

That's all I have for now…….be good to each other


Sunday, August 20, 2017

Free speech vs. Hate speech

Freedom of speech - is the right to articulate one's opinions and ideas without fear of government retaliation or censorship, or societal sanction.

Hate speech - is speech which attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes such as race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, or gender.

I post these two definitions as examples to refer back too.

Free speech is guaranteed by and contained in the Bill of Rights. We don't get to choose what we like or get offended by before someone speaks. There is a line though. Threats, obscenities or words likely to produce a negative reaction as defined by section 415 of the Penal Code are not allowed (well at least without possible consequences).

I think most all people get this.

I understand that current politics permeates this issue. I don't ignore that at all. Political choice is one of the great freedoms we enjoy in this country. 

The issue of free speech vs. hate speech, supersedes politics.

Every time.....

It is impossible for some people / groups to differentiate from the concept of individual thought and groupthink. Notice I don't mention any specific groups or people. The reason? Because it doesn't matter what side or the political spectrum you sit on, religion, orientation, race or the size of your paycheck, we are all susceptible to the phenomenon of groupthink. 

But I don't blame all of society's wrongs on groupthink. There are folks out there that definitely have some strong feelings and voice them. Sometimes these folks cross the line into hate speech vs free speech. 

Here is the thing and my simple prayer. 

In the USA we have the guaranteed right of free speech. 

Use it to:
  • Speak out against tyranny
  • Speak out against the ills of the world
  • Express yourself, your loves, your concerns
  • Criticize government or related issue
  • Sing your favorite song
Please do not use it to:
  • Threaten people / groups 
  • Spread hate to any group or individuals 
My advice -

Be a good person,
live by the golden rule,
listen more than speak,
be patient and tolerant,
be an example to others,
Loving is less work than hating,
If you see something, say something,
Always look both ways before crossing the street,
Please no man buns.

That's all I have for now,


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Tedx - Ideas for Tomorrow

If you have been paying attention to my social media feeds, you know I recently did a TEDx talk.

What is TEDx you ask?

The TEDx Program is designed to help communities, organizations and individuals to spark conversation and connection through local TED-like experiences.

Oh wait Chief what is TED?

TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less). TED began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged, and today covers almost all topics — from science to business to global issues — in more than 100 languages. Meanwhile, independently run TEDx events help share ideas in communities around the world.

I did my TEDx talk at TEDxSalinas. My particular talk was about - Loving Your Fellow Man - A Police Officers Perspective. I theorized that when an officer dons his/her uniform before their shift, it is a act of love for humanity. But you can watch it for yourself, right here and draw your own conclusions.

My friend Michelle Serna was the curator of TEDxSalinas. She has a lot of experience with TEDx talks. She was a fantastic curator for TEDxSalinas.

I would do it again in 2 seconds. I've already thought about what I would talk about (I've narrowed it down to "Cowgirls are dangerous" and "The New Paradigm in Law Enforcement Communication with the Public").

We are but five weeks about from the San Benito Saddle Horse Show & Rodeo. I am excited for this years show. New clown, improved vendor area but also all of the traditional stuff is still intact. The only thing this year is no parade on Thursday of the week of the show. That will come back next year bigger, better and really way more fun ( I know because I am on the committee and we met yesterday afternoon).

Ticket and other info on the San Benito Saddle Horse Show & Rodeo can be found right here

I'll talk to you all soon,

Be good to each other,