Sunday, February 7, 2016

My Chief Thoughts Live

Over the last week or so, I've been experimenting with Facebook Live / Periscope. The thought being that I could address topics and take questions on a live stream.

Seemed simple enough, not.

So I'll be taking baby steps. On February 5th, I did my first "official" unofficial broadcast via Facebook Live / Periscope (Twitter). It came out ok from my end. I took a few questions and overall it was fairly benign and harmless.

I'm working on a format for the show. My hope is to do one every other week that addresses current events and concerns. I also plan on doing these all off-duty and on my own time. I think its just better that way as I am just too busy at work to actually get something like this done with any kind of production value at all (although I'm pretty low budget).

I've uploaded the first episode to my YouTube channel (link to video here). The quality is fairly poor, but I think I can boost it up to full HD with just a few minor tweeks.

 I plan on taking viewer questions live, discussing a number of topics and hopefully will get questions and concerns over the coming weeks from viewers that I can then broadcast live.

Anyway, just a quick note. I'll update you later next week.


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